This Shiatsu Neck Massager becoming favourite of People working for long hours.

Having a Back pain or Stiff neck due to long working hours? People with similiar Problem say, “Now that we are working from home due to the pandemic, my chair and work area aren’t ergonomically appropriate. As a result, I get back pain and stiff neck. This massager is affordable and has heat functionality, which helps alleviate my pain. The buttons are big so you can easily see them. This is so versatile that I can massage my back, neck, and feet. I also like that it comes with a travel adapter, so I can use it in the car, especially long car rides and road trips!!!”

Another said, “My job requires me to work for long hours and i get so tired that my back pain starts every other day. I take pain reliever and i go out for massage once a two week to relive my pain. I came across this product and the price is very affordable so i decided to give it a try. one nice and important thing about the product was that i can take it in my car and use it while driving to work and coming back. I am not taking any pain reliever any more and it is going to save me lots of money now because i wont go out to get a massage which usually cost around $40-$50

Benefit of Shiatsu Neck Massager

  • It can be used for full body massage. You can put it on an office chair to massage your back, or on a carpet to massage your feet. 
  • It has an elastic band and a car adapter. You can fix the massage pillow on the car seat, plug in the car adapter, and relax yourself at any time during long-distance self-driving travel.


  • 3 adjustable speeds,
  • bi-directional deep tissue kneading massage and
  • optional heating function.
  • Wall charger(110-220V ) and Car charger(12V DC) are included by back massager.
  • equipped with Overheat Protection Device and programmed with 15-minute Auto Shut-Off.

Try it Yourself and See amazing Results.

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