IdleSleep-The Double Sided Hybrid Mattress in a Box.

IdleSleep Hybrid Mattress


Materials & Quality


Value for Money


Edge Support



  • Innerspring mattress with comfort of foam.
  • Great Value for Money ,18 months trial Period
  • Flippable Medium Firm , Soft and has great Edge Support

Looking for a Flippable, durable, medium firm Mattress with good edge Support?

IdleSleep Mattress is a versatile mattress with a varying level of firmness.Medium Firm matttress is best for back sleepers and People suffering from back Pain. Side sleepers will also find it good and If you are strict Stomach sleeper or like firm bed ,You can go for their Luxary model.And if in case you do not love to sleep in their mattress you can send it back for free .They have an unbeatable trial period of 18 months.

IdleSleep medium Mattress is 14” tall and made with Buoyancy Foam which has 400% more support than regular memory foam.  They are US made and have a free shipping and Optional White Glove Delivery Service which means In select locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, you can choose to have your purchase brought to your house by professional movers and placed in your bedroom and are CertiPUR-US® Certified

Why Buy IdleSleep Mattress

  • Great Cushioning and Support:IdleSleep Mattress is built with both contouring memory foam and individually wrapped coil layers which provides both cushioning and Support.
  • Great Edge Support :It uses Quantum Edge-To-Edge Coil Unit which provides great Edge Support and Motion reduction.
  • The IDLE Sleep Hybrid features many cooling components, so it should not be sleeping hot.
  • Good Motion transfer that means your Partner will not get disturbed if you get up from the bed at night.
  • It is durable, Flippable and has a Lifetime Warranty.

Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress comes as a medium firm mattress which is more ideal for side sleepers and softer back sleepers. 80% of People choose ‘Medium’. If you are a combination sleeper (side, back and stomach), you should choose this.

The have luxury firm mattress which is more ideal for a strict stomach sleeper, a heavier sleeper (+300 lbs.) or someone who just likes a firm mattress.

They have a third Mattress type which has both (medium on one side and luxury firm on the other)One Side of the Mattress has a medium feel and the other side has a more firm feel (luxary).You can Choose different firmness options on each side of your flippable mattress to control your comfort every night of the year. Prefer a Medium feel? No problem. Want to try something a little more solid tonight? Flip it over to the Luxury Firm side for a great night’s sleep.

The IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress is a mix of performance foam and coils and comes to your house rolled into a box.This mattress combines the advantages of innerspring designs with the comfort of foam with a specially designed mix of the two. 

As you can See from the above Picture, It is made of 7 Layers:

  1. First Layer: Cover-Thermocool™ fabric is designed to work with the body’s natural thermal Capabilities. It helps you to feel warm when you are cold and cool when you feel hot.
  2. Second Layer-Natural Fire Resistant Barrier: No Petroleum-Based Synthetic Nylon or Polyester Free of Carcinogenic Chemicals, Gases, Toxins, HCN, HCI, and Bromine
  3. 3rd Layer :1″ of IDLE contouring foam quilted into the cover for added softness & comfort.
  4. 4th Layer: 2″ IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam. Our custom blended foam reacts faster than memory foam and has better support with up to 4x better pressure relief, all while sleeping cooler.
  5. 5th Layer: 1″ Supportive Transition Foam Layer
  6. 6th Layer:6″ Quantum edge to edge coils:These coils provide world-class support throughout the mattress and reduce motion transfer to limit the disturbance of motion from your partner, children or your pet.
  7. Carry Handles :For easy handling of the mattressSince IDLE Mattresses are 2 sided once you flip your mattress you have the same layers

How Much Does the Idle Hybrid Cost?

Check the Website for more details and unbiased reviews.

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